About LCU

LCU was founded by Mr Owase Jeelani, Head of Clinical Neurosurgery and Professor David Dunaway, Head of Craniofacial & Reconstructive Surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital, with the mission to offer patients the only full-service private trauma, head, neck and brain surgical practice in the UK and internationally. Our founders have performed more international complex cases than anyone else in the world and are able to treat the most minor of conditions to the most highly complex.

We have access to the best medical facilities, allied with the best neurological rehabilitation facilities available in the UK. Our founders successfully performed the separation of the conjoined twins Rital and Rigag from Sudan in 2011 at the head and have now successfully separated two pairs of twins.

Our clinical practice is supported by a dedicated research programme termed ‘FaceValue’, based at the Institute of Child Health at University College London. This is a team of surgeons, research scientists, biomedical engineers and software specialists that focus on defining what constitutes normal and abnormal Craniofacial Morphology and developing distractors and surgical techniques to affect this change in a safer and more predictable fashion.

When you choose LCU for you or your child’s procedure, you can expect only the highest level of patient care and satisfaction available in the industry. Our united and dedicated team will look after you from the very first phone call or meeting and provide you with detailed treatment plans, containing clear and precise pre and post-operative information, to ensure a smooth patient journey.

For our Middle Eastern patients, we have an Arabic speaker who can assist you with all of your language needs at every step of the journey.