Our Directors

Matt Dunaway

I have 10 years experience in the healthcare sector working with both large organisations and small clinics. My focus has been on strategy, business development and relationship management in private hospitals and I have spent most of my career working with senior leaders and clinicians in London.

As Operations Director I work closely with the London Craniofacial Unit team, maintaining excellence in patient care, a world-leading reputation and developing into new exciting areas of reconstructive surgery.

Nick Mayhew

I have 30 years experience in consulting in leadership, change and M&A, and these days run Alembic Strategy, a dynamic leadership advisory business based in London. Having worked with Owase Jeelani and Professor Dunaway for several years it is my pleasure to be a member of the London Craniofacial Unit board of directors, as Chair. My role is to oversee the governance and the development of the business and to see its mission of "putting the child first" and the incredible work its medical team do, brought to more people in need of help.